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Hong Kong Cinema Lives.

April 19, 2011

The pre-show.

Remember I told you how the film Gallants that I was in got nominated for Best Film at the 30th Hong Kong Golden Film Awards?

Guess what.

It won.

It’s quite surreal to go from having never attended such an event before to standing on stage during the moment when one of the most prestigious awards is being presented for the evening.

Especially when the award is presented by the legends such as Ms. Lau Kar Ling (Winner of Best Female Lead) and none other than Detective Lee from Rush Hour himself. lol

For all my non-Cantonese speakers, the first 4-5 minutes or so of the clip is standard pre-award announcement banter..

As if that wasn’t epic enough, I also got to meet a true Hong Kong cinema O.G. in the flesh..


Record breaking.

March 22, 2011

3 in one day. #AIYA


January 14, 2011

I just got news that Gallants 打擂台, a film I had the privilege of being a part of, just won the award for Best Film in Hong Kong. It’s quite humbling to know that I contributed to such an accomplishment in however small of a way.

The film also won for Best Male Lead (Teddy Robin).

If you’re looking for me in the poster. Dead center. Neckbrace. Can’t miss.

You can find out more about the movie here. Normally, I wouldn’t rely on wikipedia for accuracy but, to my surprise they covered most of the bases this time.

The film was released in Hong Kong theaters June of last year. Since then, it’s made it rounds at various film festivals and the feedback has been relatively positive, even winning the Audience Favorite Award at the NY Asian Film Festival.

As evident in the trailer, it is definitely paying homage to the kung fu flicks of the 60’s and 70’s.

This one’s special for me. After all, it is my first foray into acting since moving to Hong Kong in ’08. I am grateful for the opportunity and most of all the priceless learning experience.

I pray the Lord continues to open doors that are in accordance with His plans and to close those that are not open by His doing.

Fountain of youth.

October 31, 2010


Hennessy Artistry Hong Kong 2010.

October 29, 2010

The other night, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a bunch of talented artists from various countries. It definitely represented the theme of the event, which was “the global art of mixing”.

From left: Hailing from the USA, Mr. “Cooler Than Me” aka Mike Posner. Korean Singing Sensation aka Seo In-Young. Queen of Hong Kong aka Sammi Cheng. UK’s X-Factor Champion aka Alexandra Burke. Guy on the far right aka random bartender who sneaked into the photo.

Let’s start the show. You know I got on stage and put my all  (more…)

Where’s my snare?

October 24, 2010

One of my biggest observations after living in Hong Kong for two years is that as a city, it is quite small. Without a doubt, the Hiphop community is even smaller.

Even in such a relatively environment, there are folks that are definitely passionate about the culture and the further development of it in the region.

One of these individuals is (more…)

For the people by the people.

October 23, 2010

Download it. Enjoy it. Pass it along.

NVISIBLE DESIGNS came thru on the artwork.

Download link:

Once again, I want to thank all of you for putting in the effort to submit a track. I also want to thank everyone who helped in the selection process for which tracks they thought I should record to.

Here’s the final 15 tracks, 10 selected based on the most youtube views and 5 that I personally were really feeling so I picked to record to as well. Definitely a mixtape for the people, by the people.

6 years later.

October 22, 2010

October 19th, 2004. Young man, you waited so long and your album is finally dropping. Why the mean muggin’?

I’m a few days late but this just occurred to me.

This is totally by coincidence.

The day that I impulsively (1million xs sorry to the team in the LA office who puts so much time and effort into the development of the site) switched back over to a more simple wordpress blog layout, just so happens to mark the 6 year anniversary of the release of my Ruff Ryders debut, The Rest Is History.

Where does the time go?   (more…)


October 22, 2010

2002: Age 20. Sitting on top of the world..

2009: Age 27. Trying to change the world..

In conclusion, each strand of hair represents a life lesson I learned throughout the years.

Ready to rumble.

October 22, 2010

Record breaking super typhoon on the way in Hong Kong.

In HK, typhoon hits = everything shuts down. Everything.

I think I smell a weekend NBA2k11 marathon in the making..


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