free download: sincerely yours ep

Download here:

107 Responses to “free download: sincerely yours ep”

  1. Will Cai Says:

    YES!!! was waiting for this all night long!! and 2 mins ago was still password protected… lol

    • Gully Jewelz (@GullyJewelz) Says:

      glaaaad i finally found this shit!!!!
      bout to throw it in the whip n dogg-pound this shit!
      been so tired of the lames in hip hop
      makin a million dollars with no flames in hip hiop
      i stopped listening… but now im back on the grizzy
      n im tryin git bizzy n i need real cats that fire n blizzy
      spit fire wizzie! i keep it higher than khalifa
      now im rockin jin shit out the 15 inch speakers!

      말해! 어떻게 당신이 내 음악을 좋아하세요? 최고의 boba 차 마실 뭐죠? # hiphop / eAHzSB

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Yay!!! Thank you so much! :] I was freaking out when it said it was password protected like Will up there :P Thanks Jin! You’re the best!

  3. @georgehenryhsu Says:

    3rd post
    thank you for releasing it earlyyyyy
    thanks Jin, respect from London

  4. Sincerely Yours EP - Jin | Yellow Fevers Says:

    […] to to download and the password, if you didn’t guess it is AIYA (in […]

  5. Gerald Says:

    AIYA!! Sincerely Yours!!!!! Much gratitude for the EP Jin!

  6. Jessica Says:

    yes yes yes yes yes ! downloaded! gonna be on #replay! thank you Jin Gor!! :D

  7. grexyyy Says:

    hehe :) pass was “AIYA” im already in love with it :D

  8. Checkitout Says:


  9. Edward johnson Says:

    a jin good looks for the free Downloads fam GOD Bless ya =)

  10. PEACH Says:

    omg….i cant open this website at first.
    but finally i got it! :P
    really looking forward to download this nice ep.:’)
    it’s really great!
    Jin good job! :D

  11. mills Says:




  12. Joy Says:

    AIYAAA!!! BIG LOVE JIN!!!! Thanks for these quality songs; my fave is ‘Just Music’ I’ll always be a fan! xoxox

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    […] Free download: Jin – Sincerely Yours EP via / Ayojin […]

  14. Nicola Says:

    The songs are so nice, Jin!!! Keep it up!!!

  15. Sphere of Hip-Hop Says:

    The EP sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  16. Mi_chelle Says:

    now listening…..two words……………….AIYAly mint!!! XD

  17. IAMNZAYNE Says:

    About to listen, Yay. Almost piss my pants waiting..AIYA!!XD Anyways Thanks, God Bless & MuchLove =]

  18. Free EP Download from Jin (The Emcee) – Sincerely Yours #AIYA @AyoJin « Triple H Mixtapes Says:

    […] Source: […]

  19. Promise Gbosi Says:

    God bless fam #AIYA

  20. Kenneth Says:

    YES! Thank you so much! I’m will listen to this all day since I’m sick and can’t go to school :)

  21. Free EP Download courtesy of Jin (The Emcee) – Sincerely Yours #AIYA @AyoJin « para-DOX parABLEs Says:

    […] Source: […]

  22. justinsalazar: #Aiya! RT … « Alaska Status Says:

    […] … justinsalazar: #Aiya! RT @ayojin Here’s the free download for the Sincerely Yours EP April 29th, 2011 | Category: […]

  23. Kashane Says:

    Sincerely love yo!…shout out…thanks for freely giving!

  24. chris05 Says:

    loved the ep but hey man,you got better sound quality version of this???

  25. Heyli Says:

    Downloaded! Will put it into my MP3! I am going to listen all of them before I go to bed! XD

  26. Fred C Says:

    AIYA! God bless you brother!

  27. Cheng Says:

    Lol. The password isn’t that hard.

  28. Minesh Says:

    cant wait to listen :)

  29. Simon DeeSuun Palm Says:

    it’s a .zip file and idk what to do

  30. Aiyafambam NO.1000 Says:

    fv is sincerely yours or changed man ~ tks ur tracks =D

  31. secksiedae Says:

    This ep is AWESOME!!!!! Thanks Jin. Sincerely! =)

  32. Xoria Says:

    uploadin them 2 youtube now

  33. Lawliet Says:

    Jin you are sooooooooooooooo awesome. Keep reppin Christ

  34. Justin Nguyen Says:

    the download didnt work on firefox, but its aight cuz internet explorer allowed it

  35. Alex Trup @ Evocative Records Says:

    You got some great bumpers there Jin!

    Praise be to G*d on high!


  36. Evan Ritchie Says:

    Gonna be played on my next Podcast. Love ya Jin and loving the music.

    #AIYA ;) I know it doesn’t work like that on here. But might as well try hahaha

  37. martin rong Says:

    Gad bles u JIN…i was touched wen i came to kno u was converted…man i’ve bin followin u up since 106 and park…freestyle fridays…nd i liked how u crushed ur opponents u were like d lyrical shredder…nd now m evn more down wid u since ur doin dat gospel thing…man i love ur rhymes…hit me back…sincerely yours…martin.

  38. Chinese-American rapper Jin Releases ‘Sincerely Yours’ Says:

    […] Download Sincerely Yours here […]

  39. KrisjinArtist Says:

    The EP is very unique and I really enjoyed it. I shared the link to my friends on Facebook. Peace.

  40. Jonesy Says:

    bro sick workk i got your music as bone since the freestyles, respect. i got to hong kong every two years , maybe if you read this we can meet up haha.

  41. The message. « A I Y A ! Says:

    […] […]

  42. Jin – Sincerely Your’s Mixtape (Free Download) : Says:

    […] DOWNLOAD: Jin – Sincerely Yours via Ayo Jin […]

  43. Mike Says:

    THANK YOU JIN. I appreciate it.

  44. ahhmui Says:

    love the artwork and design! congrats!!!

  45. Cherish Yvon Says:

    AIYA! This man is real talent! And he giving these for free omg! Thanks you VM. Love ya Jin.. Always support #AIYAfambam

  46. Jonathan Says:

    This is an amazing EP. Overall, better than the Say Something mixtape. God bless ya Jin. I can’t wait for your new album! :P PS God bless to everyone who reads this :) Jesus loves you!

  47. VeroniqueJin Says:


  48. Grace Says:

    Hey Jin, thanks for your generosity to share your latest songs. Really appreciate it. May God continue to inspire you to write songs and produce it to influence others!:P Have a great day, God Bless.

  49. Fanny Fung Says:

    Thanks, Jin!
    Will definitely put it in my IPod!!

  50. Jin - Sincerely Yours EP Says:

    […] for a couple of the other threads in here, figured I'd post for everyone to check out his new EP. Download it here Reply With […]

  51. Chris Tse Says:

    Yo Jin you cool? the Sincerley yours ep is dope man love every track when is the enlgish album dropping?

  52. C_Wa Says:

    Congrats on the EP’s awesome to hear you making good music again. Loop on!!!

  53. C_Wa Says:

    Definitely felt ya thru the lyrics..time and quality are things now you have to cope with….AIYA!!! but all in all, it’s good~

  54. Froilan Says:

    heyy jin, i just wanna say that your awsome!! good job on sincerly yours xD you’re the best man respect from the chi-town :)

  55. Tobi Says:

    YES!!! been waiting on some more music from you man! Tobi from South London

  56. Rani Says:

    Stuck on repeat! Thanks for the Jesus Love brotha!

  57. Get ya neck snapped w/ Jin X JR x Jahaziel | Chop Shop Says:

    […] Download Jin’s joint here […]

  58. German Says:

    jin you are so cool! sincerely expressing your faith. KEEP ON!

  59. mirah Says:

    thanks for the free DL… God bless!

  60. Misschan Says:

    love True Religion!!!

  61. Ariel Says:

    Aiya! Love it Jin! But for some reason the link won’t download for me. I’ll try again later though.

    Keep loving the LORD!

  62. Ariel Says:

    Aiya! Love it Jin! The link won’t work for me, but I’ll try again later.
    Keep loving the LORD!

  63. Jin – Sincerely Yours (FreEP) | The Inciteful Life Says:

    […] to get the whole FreEP now? Download: Jin – Sincerely Yours FreEp via […]

  64. san Says:

    hey Jin, Thanks for your sharing!!

    May you anointed by God and share good music to change the world for HIM!!


  65. pc Says:

    jin 你系边度啊

  66. Jin Inspire Music Pick | | Converge MagazineConverge Magazine Says:

    […] So today’s music pick is one of MC Jin’s new songs that you can download and check out here.Make sure to give them all a good listen before you see his concert tomorrow or hear him speak this […]

  67. ricky.mai.nakit Says:

    great job jin…

  68. Binnie Says:

    Went to your show on May 6th. You were awesome!!! I’m so thrilled I got a photo with you in the end (thank you!). You were so nice to stay after the show to take so many pictures with people. By the way, I overheard someone say that you will performing on May 7th somewhere…is that true? Where will it be and at what time? 4ever support you, Jin!

  69. Jon Says:

    Sweet beatz my man! I’ve been keeping up with you ever since you came up outta 106&Park. I’m from the SF Bay and have seen a few of your performances. I really gotta go to Chinatown to get your videos too; been dying to watch “Bruce Lee, My Brother”. Keep up the good work bro!

  70. James Love Says:

    Hey Jin I got the new download to just check you out and I can truly say you are a tight rapper! I didn’t know much about you before the things that I read recently that were talked about in a article in Holy Culture! But my opinion to ALL Christian rappers who I chose to support is that I truly look to hear the name “Jesus not just God” mentioned in songs! I kinda favor songs that have the name Jesus being uplifted within them along with the Word of God the tight flow!!! But you are doing great! I’m praying God uses you to spread the gospel around the world through song! And thanks for just listening! Jesus the name above all names!!! —–REP THE KING—–

  71. mr.brightside Says:

    Yo Jin the ep is sickening! The thing is i downloaded but i cant put the songs to my sansa clip. Could someone help me out? By the way been a fan since you first came on 106&park. Your the reason i still love hip hop.

  72. mr.p Says:

    that’z me

  73. SINCERELY YOURS EP – JIN | Jaeson Ma Says:

    […] YOURS EP – JIN DOWNLOAD HERE For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall […]

  74. Grace Says:

    Great! Thanks.

  75. TimmyJ Says:

    Can’t wait to listen to this. Thanks Jin and God Bless! :D

  76. alisonli36 Says:

    Thanks man!!!!!
    Love your ENGLISH works. Much better than the CANTONESE ones!!!!

  77. “It’s quite plain to see.. « A I Y A ! Says:

    […] can’t express enough how overwhelmed I am by all the positive feedback and insight for the Sincerely Yours EP. It is so encouraging and inspiring to see how the music is speaking to the hearts and minds of so […]


    […] been listening to SINCERELY YOURS EP this week! Mad Proud of my man Jin! He’s renewed vision and vigor in delivering some hot […]

  79. wwwdownloadall Says:

    here’s brother a nice website,
    you can share with me experience on my own one,


  80. Jeff Says:

    Bro jin is doing his thing real talk, he on some other christian stuff, and ijust cant wait till his new album come out ihope its fire!!!!!!!!!!1

  81. Wayne Thompson Says:

    Cant give enough props to this emcee.
    God has infinitely blessed you sir. Thank u 4 doin’ you.
    Sincerely back atcha :)

    South London

  82. Inspire 2011 Featuring MC Jin - Concert Review | AX3 | Global Asian Lifestyle + Pop Culture Webzine Says:

    […] songs such as “Changed Man” and “Whatever it Takes” off his latest mixtape, Sincerely Yours. The mixtape according to Jin, was created specifically for Inspire 2011, and that night was the […]

  83. Steven James Says:

    Thanks for allowing God to work in your life. Your last two EP has blessed me. The new one is FIRE. Thanks again and praise God. God bless!!!

  84. GenesisJ Says:

    Ayo Jin! Man, I’ve been following you since those 106 n Park days. I remember Properganda…When I heard you were making a comeback, I FLIPPED! I saw what I thought was a single, called Welcome to Light Club, and wrote a remix to it. I dunno if you got it, but I’ll put it down right here for you. It was to say, I’m glad you’re back in the game, and I’m glad you’re doing it for the Lord. I love you my brother. 我赞美上帝

  85. GenesisJ Says:

    This is the moment in which i notice this up in the night sky, something shooting across like bullets passin in a drive by, but I could see it clear as day, so I had to ask why, search and find the answer deep inside my own mind. Heart is racin, face is sweatin, got me layin on my face, cryin Jesus, Abba, Father, please, I know I’ve made mistakes, yes, I know I’ve lived with hate, and only you can make this str8, Proverbs 3 verse 5 and 6, direct my steps and make em great. As this fear covers me, it’s like my body’s bout to burn, something comes at me so suddenly, and everything just turns, upside down, and I’m at complete peace, then a tear runs down my cheek, and I sit up, and all that I can speak is..你 們 要 讚 美 耶 和 華 ! 在 神 的 聖 所 讚 美 他 ! 在 他 顯 能 力 的 穹 蒼 讚 美 他 !and little did I know that is Psalm 150, the very first verse, out my mouth, what’s hit me?! The holiness of God was enough to turn me from my ways, and so I trod. A different path for the night, and in the end, I will fight, tooth and nail, claw and bite, with those demons wantin to fright. But my weapons aren’t carnal, they are Mighty thru God, for destroyin strongholds, and kingdoms contestin His Rod. And as the earth is set free, I see me, in the family tree, grafted in by the Son and His Humanity, who came into Time, and caused so much calamity, who didn’t come to bring peace, but war, whoa, what’s that mean? That means that He came to make the Truth known, and when it’s known, every demon in the place gets GONE! So we stand by His Hand, and we stand at His Throne, praise Him till we’re outta breath and we’re no longer in this zone. This is what has happened to many, and one day, we’ll see, Jesus Glory coming from the sky, like that star that I could see.

  86. @jpdesigntheory Says:

    I’m late but happy I got a hold of this EP. Yo God bless you Jin! Tracks are lovely and the rhymes carry some meat for the soul.

  87. aiyafan22 Says:

    how do i download this??? i went to the web site… please help!!!!

  88. Ilmar Meldre Says:

    Hey Jin. AIYA! Thank you for your new music. I feel the same that you expressed in this album. Really blessed album. Thank you a lot :)) God bless!

  89. ... Says:


  90. Bo By Says:

    just put your mixtape up on a huge hip-hop forum im a part of…. hopefully that gets the word out a bit better for you.. i just discovered this now in july and its been out since april dammit! keep on doing your thing jin

  91. gio Says:

    love it…. thanks jin

  92. My Interview with MC Jin | Says:

    […] Follow Jin:  new site: mcjin.comJin’s blog:  ayojin.comtwitter: @ayojinyoutube: ayojintvfree album download: sincerely yours EP […]

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    […] Download Jin’s joint here […]

  94. My Interview with MC Jin | Says:

    […] Follow Jin:  new site: Jin’s blog: twitter: @ayojin youtube: ayojintv free album download: sincerely yours EP […]

  95. free download: sincerely yours ep « A I Y A ! « My Blog Says:

    […] free download: sincerely yours ep « A I Y A !. glaaaad i finally found this shit!!!! bout to throw it in the whip n dogg-pound this shit! been so tired of the lames in hip hop makin a million dollars with no flames in hip hiop i stopped listening… but now im back on the grizzy n im tryin git bizzy n i need real cats that fire n blizzy spit fire wizzie! i keep it higher than khalifa now im rockin jin shit out the 15 inch speakers! — 말해! 어떻게 당신이 내 음악을 좋아하세요? 최고의 boba 차 마실 뭐죠? # hiphop / eAHzSB LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  96. an abc in mainland china Says:

    here in the daaih luhk, facebook, twitter, youtube, mediafire, and many other websites are blocked… so it’s not easy but i still find ways to follow your music and what you’ve been doing and i’ve been seriously blessed by your music, jin! doh jeh saaaiii~

  97. gwen Says:

    thank you jin~ you’re so amazing~ i’ve been listening to you since 106th&park and following your career, i’m so proud of you, you never give, 加油加油!continue to do your best, i will always supportyou~

  98. “It’s quite plain to see.. | BrickLapse Says:

    […] can’t express enough how overwhelmed I am by all the positive feedback and insight for the Sincerely Yours EP. It is so encouraging and inspiring to see how the music is speaking to the hearts and minds of so […]

  99. Free EP Download courtesy of Jin (The Emcee) – Sincerely Yours | ParaDOX Parables Says:

    […] Source: […]

  100. JayR Says:

    ayo jin, you should battle in smack again! I don’t if you still battle or not but norbes shouted you for open invitation! That would be dope seeing you battle again, im a huge fan bro…keep doing what you doing.

  101. Brandon Says:

    I can’t believe jin is a christian rapper. I remember watching all the freestyle fryidays on bet and watching him get signed to ruff ryders. To have him come all this way and serve THE MOST HIGH. jIN iF YOUR READING THIS I’m so encouraged to serve our God when i see these things. I love you man keep spreading the word and Glorifying Jesus. Ilove you man Good looks on the free music.much luv. c u at the resurection

  102. mendos h. Kure Says:

    gin my favourite rapper

  103. Jameinn M.(Marcus) Hamilton Says:


  104. Viet Says:

    Jin can you repost a link please. Thanks

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