“It’s quite plain to see..

without music I don’t know where I’d be. Now I’m feelin’ like I’m finally free..

but this ain’t just music to me..”

Let’s see.. where do I start?

I can’t express enough how overwhelmed I am by all the positive feedback and insight for the Sincerely Yours EP. It is so encouraging and inspiring to see how the music is speaking to the hearts and minds of so many listeners. Once again, thank you all! The music is sincerely yours!

Since the momentum is at such a great pace, let’s keep it going..

I do have much more music on the way and some recent releases that I’ve been involved in so I thought I’d group them all together for your convenience. Considerate ain’t I?

I will be releasing my 2nd Cantonese album in Hong Kong this coming August. The first single is a track called 人氣急升 (pronounced YUN HAY GUP SING). The concept of the track is me sharing how everything has just been on a steady uprise for me and my career in the past 2 and half years since I’ve moved to Hong Kong. As my career is continuously prospering, I’m saying that it is a must to “stay calm” for everyone.. most importantly, myself. Production wise, it has a old school boom bap feel to it..

There’s only word to describe this next track.. AIYA! Me and Toestah dedicating this one to all the #AIYAfambam! Find yourself?

A few months back Derek from Magnetic North reached out and said they were doing a track with Taiyo Na for Asian Heritage Month. I heard the track and said “Count me in!”

Me and J Reyez are just like you.

Many years ago, I did a track with two good brothers Chan (he had a Snacky in front that back then) and LS.. 2011.. we still here.

Lastly, JL x Manifest will be releasing their mixtape ‘PULL.HAUL.JUNKIES.’ soon.. This is a sampler. I’m not on the sampler.. I am on the mixtape. :)

Just appetizers…:D

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15 Responses to ““It’s quite plain to see..”

  1. Jaclyn Says:

    Keep going, Jin! Jee chee nay! ;)

  2. zzz Says:

    Hella tight that reunion/songs! ;)

  3. RdiS Says:

    “AIYA! AIYA! AIYA! AIYA! AIYAAAAAA!! ” forget how many times i’ve got to say today….

    Every effort on music is came from Yours Sincerely mind!! Yo Keep Running with #AIYA adventure, quite Longer way to go but i know every stuff goes truly Amazing, came out Surprise as much as you will.

  4. Ka Hong Says:

    Thanks for the great music Jin

  5. Krizzly Says:

    Man I’m going thru some hardships right now that really makes me feel down and depressed but those songs really cheered me up, makes me want to try harder! Thanks for sharing this great message Jin, keep it positive and God Bless you!

  6. ahhmui Says:

    AIYA!!! so many songs!!!! You have sooo much going on – it’s great though!!! keep going Jin!!!

  7. Hin.FM Says:

    sup brother! Check this out, I went to the Itunes store hoping for some new jams and guess what I came across? AIYA!!! so I had to grab that and while I was there I go Bizzle – Forgive me. You know I gotta stay afloat with your music.

    none other than your lost brother


  8. Stella Says:

    Happy to see all is well ! But i think there was a typo in the first sentence of this blog .. ” its plain to see .. without GOD i dont know where id be ”

    Theres alot of people who turned to your music because of the fact you channeled your songs for the Glory to the Lord- i just wanted to pitch in a word bcause im one of those people who has jin in there playlist.

    Praying that the faith stands firm and the path is for the straight and narrow !

  9. Michael Chen Says:

    Doin work brother! Been waiting for some new blog posts for a while now but mann. This is off the hook! I got my jams set for weeks now :D

  10. zzz Says:

    Dope Reunion! Keep it coming jin!

  11. nikos Says:

    those tracks especially just like you are perfect!!!
    Jin you are great, much love from Greece!!

  12. Krizzly Says:

    That last mixtape with Lyricks.. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  13. tokyolovelight Says:

    The appies were great, I’m ready for main course!

  14. Sin Says:

    Me and J Reyez…..* J reyez and I*.., and I love that song ;)

  15. mercadeo internet Says:

    The opening track, “Uneasy,” is an up-tempo track about a relationship lacking trust. In an almost rap-like flow, Mari sings “So what the sex good/ I could find another, no problem I look good.” The EP features her single “Sponsor,” which ushered her back into the spotlight. Though an obvious hit, and maybe an anthem for some, it faced heavy criticism from fans for the inappropriate message it sent out to young females: it ain’t tricking if he got it. She sings “He must be a rapper, baller, doctor, dentist/ Corner boy, cook, chef, chemist/ don’t even care/as long as he don’t say “bye-bye-bye-bye.”The EP closes with “Stranger,” a jaw-dropping ballad about a lost love. It’s obvious Teairra Mari has grown up and with those years came experience that helped her balance out a mix of emotions on this man-crazy EP.

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