Who Is KT?

If you guys have been watching any of my daily 3 min vlogs, you may have noticed some reappearing individuals.

One of them being KT.

Here we are on our way to play some ball.

Unlike me, KT was born and raised in Hong Kong. I met him about 3 years ago when I first moved out here.

We went from strangers. To acquaintances. To friends. To homies.

About a year ago, one more element was added to our relationship with him signing on to Catch Adventures as an artist we would develop in HK. KT has always been into Hiphop culture even though growing up in a place where the culture was not as prevalent as in the states. Until I met him, he never experimented with writing or recording his own songs. As well, he pretty much had zero stage performance experience.

Which is what makes me so much more proud to see how far he’s come in such a short period of time.

Most of all, I can tell he knows how much he has to learn. He is determined. He loves the art.

Today is a big day for him being the release of his first official music video.

“Who Is KT?” is pretty much his self introductory bio in song form. Heads up, it is in Cantonese.. :)

Congratulations brother. Keep working hard and remember to always stay humble.

You can find out more about KT at whoiskt.com.

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24 Responses to “Who Is KT?”

  1. ahhmui Says:

    i love how our lives run the paths we are supposed to… in the idea of you and KT were meant to meet and be the friends you are today and how you were the person to help propel KT to be who he is. Congrats to both of you!

  2. Tony H Says:

    Dope intro rap. Got a good sense of who he is. Keep it up KT!

  3. Kenrick Tsang Says:

    My initials are KT lol….nice song though =)


    Love it! Very catchy.. though I know little of language.. Really appreciate this and look forward to hearing more info on spread of ya’ll music :)

  5. GG Says:

    Good Job KT Cool song!

  6. Peter Says:

    Hey Jin. Did you know tht you have a vevo account without any music videos or anything?

  7. youree Says:

    I like KT. He seems like cool people. He’s a fun guy. ^_^ His song reminds me of early eminem. I like it, though I don’t understand Cantonese. I’m rooting for you, KT! lol

    Jin you took it way back with the Tupac. I remember that video coming out right after he died. That song is a classic.


  8. Krizzly Says:

    Jin, you should tell him to put up the english lyrics in the information on his youtube account. That way people that don’t know the language can enjoy it much more. ^^

  9. Kathy Says:

    is justing waiting for your cantonese album,Jin ^^
    u may mention the purposed releasing time on facebook as well,and the good news be widely spread^^

  10. Ariel Chan Says:

    I graduate on June 3rd! What a great graduation present from you Jin, haha! :]

  11. Forest Says:

    Hey man, maybe you can use this song as one of the songs that you can try to mix.
    really sick background music, and the lyrics is really good too.
    I’m wondering as well have you thought about maybe doing a mixtape with hk rap songs and also more local hk rappers (like MC yan, MastaMic, etc.?

  12. a Says:

    ok heres a translation,
    pretty much an ABC too so don’t go too hard if I get bits wrong…

    Who is Who is KT

    有冇人知 有冇人知
    Does anyone know, Does anyone know?

    Who is Who is KT

    Does anyone know, well let me tell you

    KT that’s me 係最新嘅MC
    KT that’s me, the newest MC

    If you want to know more about me listen to the lyrics

    Ladies and Gentleman 大家好
    Hello Ladies and Gentleman

    Little brother KT today will formally announce his presence

    I hope with experience, I don’t have either

    好彩MC Jin收咗我為徒
    Luckily MC Jin took me in (as a student)

    Alot of people say we are the same

    However, I don’t even have a tattoo on my neck (referring to Jin’s tattoo)

    又未出過 CD
    Also haven´t released a CD yet

    淨係拍過影我唔到個啲 MV
    Only released a music video

    ABC 唔係我
    I’m not an ABC

    Don´t you guys get confused

    我揸 HK ID
    I hold a HK ID (Hong Kong Identity Card)

    Represent local Chinese
    Who is Who is KT

    有冇人知 有冇人知
    Does anyone know, Does anyone know?

    Who is Who is KT

    Does anyone know, well let me tell you

    KT that’s me 係最新嘅MC
    KT that’s me, the newest MC

    If you want to know more about me listen to the lyrics

    Im like other people, others are like me

    Everyones alike

    New artist and haven’t won a prize

    He (Jin) aleady has been on TVB shows more than I’ve been to the toilet

    When he raps everyone cheers

    When I rap everyone boos

    I’m not trying to imitate MC Jin

    Unlike him I haven’t attended any talent shows
    Just that he thinks I have talent

    And bring the best out of me

    That’s why I wrote this song

    MC KT 係我係我
    I’m MC KT I’m MC KT

    Who is Who is KT

    有冇人知 有冇人知
    Does anyone know, Does anyone know?

    Who is Who is KT

    Does anyone know, well let me tell you

    KT that’s me 係最新嘅MC
    KT that’s me, the newest MC

    If you want to know more about me listen to the lyrics

    What does KT mean?


    And what about 306?

    It’s my birthday

    What kind of rapper am I?

    Not a pretty boy but that’s my trademark

    Also don’t say I’m too skinny

    When I see my belly I’m very embarassed

    Although I have alot of tattoos

    Doens’t mean that I’m a bad person.

    Anyway there are so many people today

    I’ll take the opportunity to answer everyone

    Who is Who is KT
    有無人知 有無人知
    Who is Who is KT
    有無人知 等我話你知

  13. a Says:

    Also I did a bit of a copy paste off some lyrics site
    無 should be 冇
    couldn’t be bothered to change them all.

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  20. Johnny Says:

    Highly descriptive blog, I enjoyed that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?

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