From me to you.

Available for free download at on 4/29/11.

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44 Responses to “From me to you.”

  1. Cassie Says:

    It looks great! Can’t wait to get the EP!

  2. andy Says:


  3. Mike Says:

    YES !!!

  4. Illect Recordings Says:

    Nice, cant wait to hear it tomorrow. Blessings.

  5. c.k Says:

    ill…. who did it?

  6. Lorenzo Landicho Says:

    Can’t wait for the drop. This here is “change of life music”

  7. KingJames Says:

    Can’t wait dog!

  8. Monique Says:

    I am marking my calendar reminding me to download this like first thing!!

  9. jono Says:

    everyone is waiting Jin:)

  10. Vincent Says:

    That’s dope! You came up with the design on a window in winter right? Haha

  11. cheehay Says:

    Cant wait, first thing I do when I wake up

  12. wc Says:

    new music for the rotation! great stuff!

  13. Sydderz Says:

    Chyeaaaa, the cover is definitely swag! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  14. jhope413 Says:

    love the artwork!

  15. Minesh Says:

    cant wait

  16. Jessie Says:

    love the cover

  17. Jin Guan Says:

    i dont like that cover, haha i want it to be more ghetto.

  18. Tom Clements Says:

    Yes, yes! Big up Jin for catering to all us Anglophones once again!

  19. dumbfoundead Says:

    WOW! My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw this. Looks so EXTREMELY DOPE. Definitely getting it.

    Maybe there’s even a track called AIYA! lol

  20. reachmichael Says:

    Waitin for that drop, goin to see how much you grew when spittin english tracks, I’m sure it’ll be fly. Keep it real and keep doin your thang! Shoutin out from Canada, all the way from Toronto to the far east coast of PEI, ya boy mike.

  21. carmie Says:

    looks dope!! can’t wait to get my hands on it tmr! keep it up and God bless!! :)

  22. aiyatommy Says:

    that’s some aiya artwork there…

    where’s the download it is already 4/29 in Hong Kong :(

  23. abundanttempest Says:


  24. Scarlett Says:

    Let’s be honest here, you look great in wteva you choose to wear!! AIYA!!

  25. Cyanidetimes Says:

    Jin Much Love And Respect.. Been A Fan For Many Years Pretty Much Since The Beginning. Can’t Wait To Listen.. Is It Gonna Drop At 12:00 A.M. Eastern Time..? Peace Love Man.. Ayo Come Tour Miami Soon..


  26. Mikey Says:

    AIYAAA !!

  27. redtrex Says:

    when i wake up tomorrow!

  28. J Says:

    It’s the 29th in HK now :)

  29. chris t Says:

    Yes Jin whats good bro? where is the download link i have been waiting for this for time!

  30. Stevenone Says:

    Hey Jin…where is the download link for the album..haha can’t wait ^^

  31. C_Wa Says:

    What message you want to express thru this? What’s your inspiration?

  32. Cyanidetimes Says:

    8:00 A.M. Here In Miami Hopeing To Have Woken Up To A Link So I Can Bump It To Work. Guess I Gotta Anticipate It For After Work Now.. Peace Jin..


  33. Kai Says:

    whheyyyy! cant wait to hear the songs from this album! BBC(British) is me is me, how ever u look at me its still me …lol xD

  34. JG Says:

    Loving it. Shawshank redemption?

  35. Top Posts — Says:

    […] From me to you. […]

  36. T1K Says:


  37. BiZ Says:

    Thank You Jin! Very Inspirational,got it on loop all day =)


  38. IM BASED Says:


  39. Jin – Sincerely Your’s Mixtape Cover : Says:

    […] The former 106 and Park freestyle champ and Ruff Ryder will release his project on 4/29/11 for free download on his site […]

  40. Won Says:

    Thank you for another great mixtape Jin!
    I wanted to encourage you to keep using your gifts and continue to be a light for him. For its not just music but much more, just like you said.
    Its a blessing to see your progression not only as an artist but as a man and a follower of Christ. Thanks and God Bless!

  41. Krizzly Says:

    Can’t wait!

  42. Natisa Says:

    just wanted to drop a comment saying your shit is the shit! its real and its got so much heart. thanks for the honest expressions. always listening. xo

  43. Kevin Says:

    Dude I found out about your music from a friend who goes to my church and its insane the way u changed your life around for christ is so inspiring God has made my life so so amazing and I can’t wait what he has next for me and u going to have a lot more coming your way because u doing things through christ. I just wish we could buy your albums out here!!! Kevin South Africa

  44. Johnson Says:

    God bless you my brother keep it up man!

    Praise God

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