Hong Kong Cinema Lives.

The pre-show.

Remember I told you how the film Gallants that I was in got nominated for Best Film at the 30th Hong Kong Golden Film Awards?

Guess what.

It won.

It’s quite surreal to go from having never attended such an event before to standing on stage during the moment when one of the most prestigious awards is being presented for the evening.

Especially when the award is presented by the legends such as Ms. Lau Kar Ling (Winner of Best Female Lead) and none other than Detective Lee from Rush Hour himself. lol

For all my non-Cantonese speakers, the first 4-5 minutes or so of the clip is standard pre-award announcement banter..

As if that wasn’t epic enough, I also got to meet a true Hong Kong cinema O.G. in the flesh..

One word: AIYA.

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37 Responses to “Hong Kong Cinema Lives.”

  1. cwiz Says:

    EPIC!! Much Congrats!!!

  2. daveNYC Says:

    Nice bro. Keep up the great work.

  3. cynthia Says:

    awesome !!!

  4. Rochelle Says:

    Wow! You’re so lucky !! :)) #AIYA

  5. rgandy123 Says:

    Congrats man!! Aiya!!! x 10 Love the hair btw

  6. andrew smith Says:

    dam jin u so fly… no homo. its mad crazy how u can be so diverse with your style lol rember when u were wearing saggin jeans an fitted caps now u wearin fitted suits with silk shoes. AIYA good stuff keep it up

  7. MPD Says:

    sweet, bro! keep up the good work! =)

  8. MPD Says:

    oh yeah. AIYA!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ms_mui Says:

    AIYA!! :D
    I love Chow Yun Fat!!

  10. RdiS Says:

    Yo Jin, i remember the moment heard that “Gallants” won the Award, My eyes juz focus on the face of you, where is ya Boy?!
    Feelin so Proud & Amazed when see u stand up da stage!!! #AIYAJindaActorShineUp

    you’re pretty cooL!! i see how different Awesome of Jin, Congrats you get win thru da generation. <

  11. abundanttempest Says:

    WOOOW! THAT’S AWESOME! I am speechless. So happy for ya bro!

  12. ahhmui Says:


  13. RdiS Says:

    For nx step you go, Show up your Talents more!! im sure you’re not juz a Rapper anymore, Be change to another character too **

  14. sophie Maidment Says:

    Congrats Jin real proud of you..

  15. Jaclyn Says:

    AIYA congratulations bro! I <3 Chung Sang Mang

  16. Chris Says:

    Congrats Jin. You look very handsome all dressed up.

  17. Cinthia W. Says:

    Ohhhh…you look so good in suit and was w/ Chow Yan Fat. Yayyyy

    How should you be managed by that man named Carl Choi, why does he has so much dirt on the internet ? I’m your BIG fan and afraid ur manager will ruin your reputation for how he is talked about so many negative things all over the internet.<3

  18. Minesh Says:


  19. Chan Ling Says:

    WOW…I can believe this…I’m so glad to see you with Lau Kar Ling, where was her husband Leung Chiu Wei? I love them too.<3 congrats,Jin !

    Umm, BTW, I wonder about Mr. Carl Choi too, is that the person who you met for lunch and called a woman named Michelle Phan "ah xou" in a video? Why do they have such bad reps? Be careful Jin, you don't need them !<3

  20. MJ Says:

    I would have been so nervous and it would have shown!! You hide your excitement well Jin.

  21. zzz Says:

    I m watching the movie Gallants right now!! good looks jin! Keep doing tha thang..


  22. ptaktak Says:


  23. asiansonyoutube Says:

    U R #1! Top 5 Asian YouTube Videos Of The Day – 4/20/2011 http://post.ly/1vBx4

  24. SongXT Says:

    You look like you’re about to bust out gigglin like a fan :P

  25. peanutxz Says:

    be the next after jun…
    i’m waiting. ;)

  26. g Says:


    AIYA! x 1,000,000

  27. STR8UPAMIE Says:

    You look all nice n stuff but with that serious face i know dancing in your head is #AIYA!!!

  28. Lindsay Says:

    Totally unrelated to this post, but I just watched you on last night’s ep of All-Star Glam. Loved your raps and your humor! It was so fun to watch. You should definitely be one of the MCs there!!! :D

  29. Tom Clements Says:

    Jin on Grind Time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B073qxJmkXA&feature=feedu
    Jin name drop on Don’t Flop.

  30. Super boy band Says:

    Hey Jin and your fans,

    Just share with you all, it is not Hip Hop, it ‘s Pop, for the ladyes….they are hot!

    NKOTB and BSB-AMA Performance 2010

    NKOTBSB perform a medley of hits on New Year’s Eve in Times Square

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    Don’t Turn Out The Lights (New Song 2011[Full Version])


  31. Super boy band Says:

    Sorry, not ladyes, it ‘s ladies.

  32. C_Wa Says:

    Hey, jin…seems like we have the chance to catch up this movie again starts from 30/4 @ broadway cinema. Let me know if you have time to watch this movie wif your dearest fans @ HK…I would be delight to join the event…here is the link: http://www.cinema.com.hk/revamp/html/list_detail.php?lang=c&movie_id=5228

  33. redtrex Says:

    how about the BET hall of fame inductee? lol. nice to see the progress

  34. vieTz Says:

    Dang ive been away from my comp for so long you posted a crapp load of things. CONGRATS on the award :)

    You deserves it ^^

  35. Go for the dream Says:

    To Jin and fans:

    Good show for your Dec Hong Kong concert soon.

    A video share with you all:

    The best of the dream team:


    Don’t know it? check it out!

    Keep humble, stay hungry!

    A bright future is coming to you Jin.

    Hope you get the award of TVB rookie of the year!

  36. Cooking PaPa Says:

    Hey Jin,

    No matter what, Hong Kong people love your “Big boy club”, “Laughing Gor” and some other TV show in TVB.
    But jin, don’t forgot to thanks Now TV, without it’s “Cooking MaMa” TV show, people don’t know you have talent to be a host and a actor.
    Thanksgiving who have give you the chance to be a rapper actor that make more people from Age 3-80 to know who is MC Jin.
    Good luck for Big hit in the coming up movie “Laughing Gor 2″!

    How about Bob be the gangster or under cover with you in the film?
    Funny, ha ha.

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