Sincerely yours.

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11 Responses to “Sincerely yours.”

  1. Derek Says:

    Glad to hear your bringin more lyrics to the table. Any info on the concert?
    Keep Christ #1 and keep doin your thing bro!

  2. Vincent Says:

    Do a show in NY!

  3. Jason Chang Says:

    Hi, Jin, AIYA!! When is your new English album coming out? I am waiting!!

  4. Jason Chang Says:

    AIYA, Jin, you should go to sina weibo!!

  5. teafanni Says:

    you’ll still be on here though right? (:
    still, looking forward to those sweet tracks and more of that change your life music !

  6. ms_mui Says:

    Would wait patiently for it~

    Sincerely yours!

  7. Whitney Says:

    My twitter feed will be so empty…but if it’s mean more music then I’m ok with lol :) Aiya

  8. ahhmui Says:

    LOL. Do a AIYAFAMBAM word wave next time :)

  9. ptaktak Says:

    = D

  10. SolutionsByLee Says:

    Keep up the good work man … work until you cant do it anymore :p

  11. Hitesh Kumar Says:

    Kinda like Tupac… Killuminati The 7 Day Theory!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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