Start of dreams.

“Your belief in yourself must be so strong that it doubles everyone else’s collective disbelief. ”

This looks like it’ll be quite inspirational.

I have so much respect for the art form and all those who continue to push it forward.

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4 Responses to “Start of dreams.”

  1. ahhmui Says:

    wow. i have goosebumps!!!!

  2. abundanttempest Says:

    Oh how I miss being on stage and performing! There’s no other rush like being on stage and feeling the audience engrossed into the character you portray. Wish I was somewhere that I could participate in community theatre or something… Movie does look good. :)

  3. vicjamm Says:

    dope. this is wow.

  4. ptaktak Says:

    step into character… you can be anyone and anything… if your heart beats, then live…

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