Walk down the street with this on and guarantee you’ll be the talk of the town.

Get your paypal/checkbooks ready.

Pre-orders coming soon.

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22 Responses to “GAWS.”

  1. peanutxz Says:

    Gosh. Get those caps, bracelets, wristbands, fluff dolls and even earrings coming already.

    Oh wait…earrings would be a good idea. *ponders*

  2. Jaclyn Says:


  3. Vvn Says:

    i NEEED #aiya!

  4. RdiS Says:

    woW! IT was Too Good to represent “AIYA”!!
    Please show UP more Base Colors for choose then, mostly Like Black, Pink, Purple Blue….
    Await for pre-order times **

  5. kat Says:

    cant wait to buy some of those shirts. #AIYA

  6. teafanni Says:

    okkkk i’m saving upp :D

  7. cori Says:

    cannot wait!!!
    may i suggest it in the form of a hoodie too?! cause i would def get both! :D

  8. ting_momo Says:

    AIYA~ :) That’s AWESOME ^______^

  9. Jeanette Wong Says:


  10. Tommy Says:

    AIYAA! My paypal is ready :)

  11. ahhmui Says:

    pillooooows! :P

  12. ianneHOPE Says:

    sweeeett!!! i can’t wait to get one!!! (^w^)

  13. Danny Says:

    AIYA all day :)

  14. Danny Says:

    Can’t wait for pre-order!

  15. Jennifer Dinga Says:

    size for girls?

  16. C_Wa Says:

    Black is my color!

  17. ptaktak Says:

    contest time…?

  18. Lucky Says:

    OMG! imma buy one for all my besties we’ll be #AIYA!!
    luhv it keep up the good work

  19. Cheung_dat Says:

    Will they be sent to U.K?… damn, the tee looks sweet! loool

  20. Delon Says:

    Can i still buy it now?

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