Pray for Japan.

Our hearts are with you.

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8 Responses to “Pray for Japan.”

  1. Jaclyn Says:


  2. ahhmui Says:

    i’m glad you were able to participate in the fundraising… hope it helps japan!

  3. Q. Says:

    What up Jin? My name is Q. a Japanese graphic artist that lives in Vancouver and also big fan of you from the time you were in Freestyle Friday.

    Thanks for warm post to my homeland on your blog. I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of people in Japan.

    As soon as I got this tragic news, me and my homies immediately started the charity movement called “JapanLove”.

    We just did fundraiser club event this Monday. It was amazing.
    My man JayKin(rapper) did incredible stage and me and my buddy Daichi did live-painting show.

    Grammy winner producer Chin Injeti and JayKin, and also quality artists from Vancouver local made awesome yet convincing tribute song called “Won’t Shake Us Down” for this too. I did the artwork for this song.

    It will be super cool if you can check it out.

    “Won’t Shake Us Down” by S.I.N.G. 4 Japan

    So literally everybody is trying to help here. I am so very moved about this.

    I have seen the same kinds of tragedy back in 1995. Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, it’s called. The view was just like the hell.

    I just… don’t want to see it ever again.

    I want to prove that I can do something even from here.

    And finally this time, I can use the power of my art for good sake, to make the world bit better place.

    Anyway, sorry for the loooong comment post. I just checked out this post and thought I should let you know that ordinary Japanese guy like me could possibly help saving own country’s crisis if he tries and cooperate with great friends together.

    Biggest thanks and respect.


  4. Tom Clements Says:

    Is that Jackie Chan in the front? (No really, the guy just right of the guy in uniform on the front row).

  5. Tom Clements Says:

    Also, do you think the Charlie Sheen joint was a tad exploitative of someone who’s clearly suffering from mental illness?

  6. millRui Says:

    Nice, between all the big stars. Fundraising is important, have you met Jackie Chan bytheway?

  7. yumi Says:

    hi!!!jin! AIYA!!

    thank you support !! so many country ,so many peope pray for japan.

    our contry, dont foget ther support .

    from japan yumi

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