You like.


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13 Responses to “You like.”

  1. Mi_chelle Says:

    hahaha…very cute wo..where did u get it from!?!??! :D

  2. C_Wa Says:

    you buy….i buy

  3. henry Says:

    nice miniche hoodie….they need to open a store in america ASAP

  4. ahhmui Says:

    OMG that is SOOOO cute! \(>o<)/

  5. Ace Says:


  6. Vvn Says:

    hahaha, I need this!! MK?

  7. Gus Says:

    Hi Jin, Haven’t had a chance to catch up on your website for a while (a month or two), and now after a revisit, so many things has happened. Marriage, english album and working back in HK. Saw your camio role with dumbfoundead about that Charlie Sheen – crazy stuff. Glad things are settling in, finding that balance in your life. Even checked out the movie you did – Gallant. Boy, not much to say other than the legend actors whom I grew up watching with still so active and great. Keep up the good work, hope to see more of your work this year. What a transformation from the 106 & park days huh! Your almost there, add in dancing to your act, now that would be a surprise. I’ll be watch be. :) Gus from Oz.

  8. ashley Says:

    i need that pillow in my life. :’)

  9. tormentedworld Says:

    jinnn ,
    i’ve been listening to some of your old tracks .
    glad you’re never gave up music ! .

    >> senoritaaa haha ;)

  10. nam nguyen Says:

    oh man where did u get that from! lolol

  11. Jason Duong Says:

    Hey Jin,

    I’ve been a fan for about 10 years now and following your path has been a great experience. At the age of 21 I now have started to carve out my own path. I take cassette tapes and recycle them into wearable apparel and I would love to send you a belt buckle to say thank you for filling my life with music.

    Just pick one out from the website send me your mailing address and I’ll mail it off to you. :)


  12. C_Wa Says:

    WOW…Those belt buckles are so KOOOOL!!
    Jin, you should have one and show it on the BIG BOYS CLUB!!

  13. William Song Says:

    WHERE DID YOU GET THAT PILLOW I need to buy that lol

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