He invited me to jump on a track a while back. I did. Here it comes.

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5 Responses to “Excited.”

  1. c.k Says:

    woooaahh cannot wait… this post is from the future if your in uk xD lol

  2. vieTz Says:

    oooo new songg
    anticipating it ^^

  3. Aaron Says:

    Have you considered doing a track with Lecrae?

  4. Paul Bunyan Says:

    Ayo Jin that track with Bizzle is certified FIRE homie! Right now I got Bizzle and ur mixtapes in my IPod. My fault for not replying back from ur email the first time. But, yeah man, I pray that the Lord will continue to keep using you to reach the younger generation out there. They’re lost without Jesus! Oh and another praise note, Thank God that the suspect wanted for the murder of a police officer in Georgia surrendered and turned himself in. All it takes is the love of God and prayers of the faithful. plus he wanted to talk to his mother, and give up the hostages without letting them be harmed. He had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. So, the Rza’s directing movies now huh? I still occasionally play Afro Samurai on the xbox360 It’s mad bloody, but the soundtrack is pretty good. It’s not Halo-worthy, or anything though LOL. Hey, thanks again for the blog update. Now I have another cool flick to be on the lookout! On the movie tip, are you familar with the film Ninjas vs. Aliens? Apparently Funimation released it on Dvd/Blu-Ray early this year but, I don’t know if it’s good or not. So, it’s safe to guess that no one from Tinsel Town contacted u about Fast 5 huh? Oh well, I guess that’s more crazy green screen stunts and computer animation for the younger generation to eat up. Man, I feel old -er LOL. That’s the beauty of life wouldn’t u say? Oh, yeah the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament is underway and is crazy yo. Duke lost, Ohio State Lost, Kansas is their way to another winning season. Maybe, still got UNC Chapel Hill in the elite 8 but, anything can happen. My bad, for rambling on, and on.. love the v-logs they’re refreshing Plus, the new Charlie Sheen video is fresh,bro! This summer is going to be packed with new music! Winning LOL! Don’t know if u’ve heard Chamillionaire’s take on it- It’s terrible seriously! Well, Jin may our God continually show you more of His goodness that you steadily grow in His grace. Please pray that my sister-in law’s brother will come home safe and sound in Japan, and that through this time He grow tighter in His relatiionship with our Savior. Thankfully, he’s not living in the devestated prefectures that were decimated in the wake of the tsunami. But, man, we know that God’s provision is being poured over everyone who’s still trying to find their loved ones. Pray for Libya and Syria, that the goverment’s leaders will give their lives to Christ and that protests will end without senseless bloodshed. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and remember our brethren who are in jail for the sake of the Gospel. Please also pray that my car’s engine’s cylinder gets replaced quickly and without so much of strain on the ol’ wallet cuz I just got this tax refund-LOL Much love to you Jin. I’m out like jherri curls and hammer pants. AIYA!! Grace and peace bro, take care.

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