Cat in the hat.

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10 Responses to “Cat in the hat.”

  1. chiuoikwan Says:

    the hat looks good on you :D perhaps better if not with this outfit tho! so i missed you at HKBU campus this afternoon (i decided to b a gd student not to skip cls), then missed you again at TST (i was in the cultural central, not far away from Lids). ARGHHHHH it’s my turn to say: AIYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ace Says:

    The hat is nice and it looks good on you!

  3. carmie Says:

    yo your hat reminds me of “The Adjustment Bureau”!…but plaid haha. Try going thru some doors turning the knob clockwise and counterclockwise xD

  4. Mi_chelle Says:

    the hat looks cool~~so…its…non-AIYA!!! :D

  5. Theresa (ting_momo) Says:

    Jin~ can you tell me the exact location of the street? I might be visiting HK at the end of next month and I would like to go there! ^^

    AIYA Asia here I comeee~

  6. Keith Says:

    that hat.. is … very… AIYA!

  7. abundanttempest Says:

    LOVE THE HAT! but you could call me biased because i love hats in general. i would wear one all the time if it wasn’t frowned upon by my workplace. and thought it was cool how you took pics with fans. so nice. :) love you bro! God bless!!!

  8. Maria Rose Says:

    Love the hat! You do look like the male version of “where is carmen san diego” haha AIYA!

  9. April Law Says:

    the hat is soooo aiyaaaaa!

  10. Stephanie Says:

    aiya your canto is improving by the day! wooot

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