Goin’ in.

As previously mentioned,  I have officially begun to work on a new English album set to be released sometime later this year. Also as previously mentioned, this will be my first official English album release in five years since my previous one in 2006.

Excited anyone?

How should I describe what the album is shaping out to sound like so far? If I had to do so with one word, it’d be this: monumental.

I may be jumping the gun I suppose, since I’m  technically only two days into recording. Then again, maybe I’m not jumping the gun because the first two days have simply been nothing short of phenomenal.

Here’s some visuals courtesy of my mac photobooth..

Me tracking some vocals and Tony capturing the entire (and I literally mean entire) studio experience on HD.

The man behind the boards. Producer and recording engineer extraordinaire Devcon.

This guy stopped by so I figured we’d do a few joints. Yes, one for the ladies.

Here’s something I thought was fascinating. 2011 actually marks the 10 year anniversary of me being on  BET and signing with Ruff Ryders, which also is how long I’ve been doing this music thing as a profession. Yet, as I’ve been in the studio these past two days I can’t help but feel like I just got signed and this is my first album ever.

I’m confident enough to say that this is my best work yet. For certain I believe (or at least hope) that it will be the most impactful.

I’ll let you be the judge.

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32 Responses to “Goin’ in.”

  1. ylime Says:

    finally u are back!

  2. menkki Says:

    First off, I’m excited about this new album.
    Nice thing to do a joint with J.V

    Must be exciting and exhausting to be in the studio for 2 days.
    Therefore, much power and strength to you.


  3. ms_mui Says:

    Yes I am excited!

  4. Fanny Fung Says:

    I’m certainly excited about it. :)
    I’m sure it must be so wonderful ’cause you put all your efforts into it.
    Admire, Jin!!

    Wish you all the best!
    Always support you.

  5. Jin Guan Says:

    i swear the god i will buy ur album.! u got one right here JiN!

  6. c.k Says:

    this is bullying maaan give us a preview!!! xD

  7. Jessica Ly Says:

    Jin’s making history….and I can’t wait to hear the new album!!!!It’s been faaar too long! If it’s your best yet like you said, it’s gonna be effing AMAZING!

  8. Yong Says:

    Great news Jin!!!

  9. rgandy123 Says:

    I can’t wait!!!!!

  10. Vincent Says:

    Can’t wait till it drops man. Oh yeah…I think you said your single “Learn Chinese” was a stupid song you made in one of your songs, but it wasn’t. It was how I found out about you. Lol

  11. Simon DeeSuun Palm Says:

    AWESOME! Hoping it will be as sick (or even sicker than) you’re other albums. keep doing your thing, man.

    Peace out!

  12. air Says:

    all the best !!!

  13. ahhmui Says:

    nothing beats (re)new(ed) inspiration and fresh new drive! gogogo! :)

  14. abundanttempest Says:

    really sounds like God is blessing you and i’m getting excited just thinking about it all! can’t wait to here this monumental phenomenon.

  15. teafanni Says:

    ahah JV’s going to be in this? ;D yeye i’m so excited hehe (:
    keeping you in my prayers !

  16. Michael Chen Says:

    So excited! Anyone know where I can download/buy the first english album? :D

  17. Jonathan L. Says:


  18. Jackey Says:

    Hey Jin,
    I just discovered your blog, and remember watching your freestyles as a kid. I think it’s really inspiring to see how far you’ve come. I will be definitely be following and can’t wait to hear your album.

  19. Lis Says:

    Well, I’ll be waiting for this one to drop. Your skills are just awe-inspiring.

  20. Mike Says:

    Finally a english album by jin yay looks like things are turning out great.

  21. carmie Says:

    Excited for sure!! haha…doing any collabs with Joseph Vincent? ;P God bless! I’m sure it will be monumental!

  22. Angolie Says:

    FINALLY!!!! =D I’m uber excited for this!! =D Can’t wait to hear how your new English album’s gonna be like!! =D

  23. redtrex Says:

    Yeah! im excited. but im wondering is it gonna be a christian based album, or more of a mainstream one?
    either way, im Psyched!
    preview please? and you should update the youtube channel too. you got 20k+ subscribers
    cant wait!

  24. Lin Says:

    It’s cool jin ! Can’t wait ~~~~

  25. Liz Says:

    Woo…will you’ve any crossover with them or any concert together later? tell us more.

  26. Tom Clements Says:

    Big ups Jin! Can’t wait to hear this album once it’s ready! Check out my man The Ruby Kid for some amazing lyrical inspiration (really, the guy is truly amazing).

  27. Tom Clements Says:

    By the way Jin, do you think the pen/sword relationship is dialectical or merely binary? As a writer of lyrics, I’d hoped you might be able to help me…

  28. oldfan Says:

    It isn’t gonna be about faith, religion, how u were saved and bless blah blah is it?

  29. MC Jin | New English Album | Freestyle | 21CB Says:

    […] back on the West Coast as he begins recording his first English-language album in five years. On his blog, the rapper calls it “my best work yet,” and expresses hope that it will be “the […]

  30. Heather Says:

    when does the album drop?

  31. Recap. « A Y O J I N Says:

    […] out to LA where I started and finished working on my first English album in 5 […]

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