Dope, very dope.

That’s what dvd must stand for.

Stocking up on these badboys as soon as they hit shelves.

The marathon continues.

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7 Responses to “Dope, very dope.”

  1. Fanny Fung Says:

    Got addicated to it already …………especially the one with the tattoo! :P
    Have you bought it?

  2. Jaclyn Says:

    Sure will support once it’s on shelf in Malaysia!
    ♥ Siu Kay Lun ♥

  3. air Says:

    Really great! A friend had just missed the release is the time & we can see always .

  4. Kenneth Says:

    Is this coming to the US? Or could I just buy it online ?

  5. Ayoneil Says:

    i think that can but fron hk..or online…

  6. Alex Says:

    Good Stuff man!

    btw, will there be a 2011 hip hop census?

  7. ahhmui Says:

    wah coming out so quick… feels like it was just released in the theaters! time is flying by…

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