This better be the best croissant I’ve ever tasted in my whole life.

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30 Responses to “Arrival.”

  1. ms_mui Says:

    Be good and be safe! :)

  2. ms_mui Says:

    Oh~ And you HAVE TO take a photo in front of that tower!!

  3. Evelyn Says:

    haha. Nice caption! Have fun in Paris!

  4. Alexandra Says:

    I think it would taste better when you are people watching in a cafe sippin your cuppa… with a view of the tower of course and music in the background..where did that come from? oh ya.. the movies!

  5. Jaclyn K Says:

    U’re so cute, Jin! Enjoy ur trip ;)

  6. sinyi Says:

    i want postcard

  7. C_Wa Says:

    I can’t believe you are that far from us now.
    Keep posting yourself…
    Enjoy every minutes every seconds @ Paris and see you on 7th Dec!!

  8. Broccoli Says:

    Woo ~~Yummy!!! I see you freehand and so happy.Find the other happiness.

  9. Fanny Fung Says:

    Can’t imagine the taste of it ……. hope can try one day !
    Is it your lunch? You really get thinner than before!! But cooler than before !! :D
    Please keep posting and let me have “sightseeing”~~ >.<
    Come back soon and take care!! ^^

  10. Fanny Fung Says:

    :P “cooler” –> good-looking

  11. Minesh Says:

    Come to London too!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jhope413 Says:

    Jin, you’re so freaking cute! I had a dream last night and you were in it lol. You were singing Amazing Grace in Canto and then like the audience started singing with you, but in English..? I don’t know, but then some BIG Chinese dude stood up in from of me and I couldn’t see you! I was legit angry and woke up angry. Hahahahaha! On another note, was it the best croissant ever? lol

  13. Chax Says:

    I have to know what u’re doing in Paris because i would like to have the chance to meet u x=

  14. KenHo Says:

    Jin! Paris… my dream place… I am do jealous of your trip to Paris
    ><!! For compensation, plx bring some souvenirs to me:P ~

  15. Kinki Yeung Says:

    oh, you go the romantic Paris with your girlfriend ? ~~so happy!!!!

  16. Ashley Says:


    remember to take lots of pictures!!!

  17. lil_s Says:

    Make sure you will upload a picture with you and the Eiffel Tower :)

  18. kat Says:


  19. tiff Says:

    well bonjour ~
    and lovin the shades :)
    keep taking pictures and make me jealous :D

  20. KenHo Says:

    Jin, is the croissant expensive????? How much is it in HKD??? (aprroximately)

  21. ptaktak Says:

    I like the blogs you posted while in HK better then the traveling post… it is leisure or business travel? don’t forget about twitter… download the app if you have a smartphone Mr. old fashion…

  22. andy Says:

    whatcha doing in paris mr jin?
    Long time no see

  23. B. Says:

    Alright…..someone is enjoying himself already! I hope it’s a trip to relax and not work. Have fun and keep on posting pictures!

  24. randy Says:

    sweet! huge fan since BET Freestyle Friday. I’m a Christian and followed you since then. I’m glad you came back to God. You’re definitely an inspiration. Enjoy your trip.

  25. DaShin Says:

    bonsoir Jin, if you have the time make sure you visit the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre (take the metro to the Abbesses station), it has a magnificent view of the city. Plus the church is nice too. I’m European and been there many times so I know what I’m talking about. You can thank me later :)


  26. Zoe Says:

    So cute! have fun there

  27. Ant Says:

    I was there on the 3rd/4th aswell!

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