Month of Bruce continues.

They must’ve literally just launched the site, cause I just found out about it.


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6 Responses to “Month of Bruce continues.”

  1. Broccoli Says:

    Really many people are looking forward to this.

  2. KenHo Says:

    Your curly hair is so funny, man!!Your concert with rubberband, this film and lots of funz both are anticipating !!!:D

  3. Yo Says:

    This looks amazing!

  4. Black Cat Says:

    Hi Jin,

    I have just noticed that the Chinese version of your brief background under “人物角色” (The Characters) has made a mistake: the text mentioned that you has been an advertising star of “現代教育” (Modern Education) but in fact, you should be the star of “遵理學校” (Beacon College) instead……(^__^)”


  5. C_Wa Says:

    Have u decided what outfit should be worn to the premiere yet?
    Stay cool, man~
    you are the best!

  6. ptaktak Says:

    you should be more than just a co-star… the trailer had english subtitles, so i hope the movie will be the same way…

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