Christian rap.

Hi Randy Tongue.

The track you are referring to is “Field Goals”, which is the first track on the Hiphop Census Mixtape that I just released. You can download it here. Warning: there is indeed explicit lyrics contained on some of the tracks on the mixtape.

Not sure if you know the concept of the mixtape, but here’s a bit of insight.

I often get asked by unsigned and independent artists if I ever do collaboration tracks. This is what inspired me to do the Hiphop Census Mixtape.

Anyone who wanted to participate, simply had to record a track and upload it to youtube.

The selection process was quite simple. I would add a verse onto the 10 tracks with the most views along with 5 that I would personally select. A mixtape by the people for the people.

As I have shared via my youtube testimonial video and even more indepth on the Say Something mixtape, God is definitely doing something in my life and I am indeed proud to publicly declare my faith. I am humbled and inspired by this amazing direction that He has taken my life in as I further seek wisdom and guidance from Him.

Which brings us to Mr. Tongue’s question, “what happened to doing Christian rap?”

This whole realm and even this topic is relatively new territory for me. Frankly speaking, I find the concept of “Christian rap” to be very perplexing.

Here’s why.

Does that mean from this day on, I am only to do mixtapes/features with “Christians Only”?

Christians would probably gravitate towards it, but hypothetically speaking, would it be safe to assume that non-Christians would probably shy away from it?

Aren’t the people we as Christians really need to reach out to the most the ones who haven’t had the chance to encounter the Lord’s presence or experience His love?

By no means am I holier than thou.

Nonetheless, I’ll keep praying for the Lord to give me wisdom.

Just wanted to share with everyone a bit of my perspective on this matter. Back to the topic at hand.

I’m no expert, but I’m in total agreeance that Christian rap definitely shouldn’t have usage of the F word. Or the B word. Or the S word. (Are there anymore that I missed?) With that said, this mixtape certainly does not fall under the category of Christian rap.

Am I going to pass judgement on this artist because of his certain choice of vocabulary?  No.

I’ve used the aforementioned words in my lyrics over the years. Many times in fact. Do I ever feel compelled to do so now? No. Beyond being behind a mic, I don’t even feel compelled to use them throughout daily dialogue. Is there an occasional slip of the tongue? Sure.

In conclusion, here’s my 2 cents.

“Christian rap” is just a label. In the end, more important than what I rhyme about or what words I choose to use (or not use) is how I’m living my life on a daily basis. Is it in accordance with the Lord?

As I stated in the previous post, that I am able to have a platform (my music) to share my journey with you all is something I am thankful for in itself.

I’m satisfied with knowing that the Lord knows my heart better than anyone else.  He sees where I’m coming from.

I hope in time, you can too.


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44 Responses to “Christian rap.”

  1. Tapanga Says:

    Doesn’t mean you need to cuss on your mixtape. I’m just sayin’. Can’t praise God and curse man together. Our mouths were made to worship.

  2. Tapanga Says:

    Doesn’t mean you need to cuss on your mixtape. I’m just sayin’. Can’t praise God and curse man together. Our mouths were made to worship.

  3. ChanChan Says:

    Reading that response just made my heart swell with joy for you Jin, for finding god in all humbleness, n wisdom. God bless your n may he bless your hands n feet with anything you persue..

  4. bud Says:

    @tapanga the other rapper on the track is the one using the language… jin didn’t say anything. ;-P

  5. Tapanga Says:

    Double postings? Fail.

    I love Jin regardless his past, his present, his future. He is good in my eyes. ;D

  6. Daniel Says:

    clearly and maturely explained…….. so when can we get an edited version? and uh … a 2011 census style mixtape? and uh a canto tape and an english one and ……

    just wishful thinking

    seriously though
    GOD bless you Jin and all the wonderful things GOD has been doing in your life.

  7. KenHo Says:

    Jin, you are really changed a lot!!!:D You have just finished a meaningful article!:P It’s really really great!!! I hope you’ll keep posting this kind of article~!l :D

  8. Ashley Says:

    “Yeah, I still rap. Yes, I’m a Christian. Does that make me a Christian rapper? Hey! I’ll let you call it.”

    I’ve never considered you a ‘Christian rapper’ (well, you literally are a Christian rapper, but I mean it in terms of the label.) So I suppose the whole swearing thing was a non-issue for me (but I was surprised, haha). I’ve always just considered you a talented guy, rapping about your life journey. In recent years, God has made a larger impact in your life than previously -and it comes through in your music. (And, imo, I never thought your rap had anything to do with the whole exclusive-to-Christians vs including non-Christians thing.) Anyway Jin, thanks for always keeping it real. Love all your music, it carries so much truth and honesty. Haha. I’ll be sure to follow you (your music), no matter where your journey takes you.

    Loving the mixtape btw!

  9. Alexandra Says:

    I triple “like” your response Jin! You are on the right track

  10. KrisjinArtist Says:

    Accepting Christ into one’s life and becoming a Christian doesn’t mean that one’s lifestyle will be perfect without anger, swearing. It’s a constant journey to be like Christ. A conversation about Christianity, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, reading the Holy Bible and going to church can be hundreds of pages long.

  11. chuckthegirl Says:

    I too disliked the use of language on some of the songs on the mixtape, but others I really enjoyed. I typically don’t like listening to music with that content because I truly believe what goes in will eventually come out. (I know this from experience.) I don’t want to have something come out that will become a stumbling block for anyone coming to the Lord. So…I’m going to delete those songs off my iPod. No disrespect, that’s just my opinion.
    On another note, why do we have to label everything? “Christian” nowadays comes with so many negative connotations. I’m a disciple of Jesus; I’m a child of God; I’m filled with the Holy Spirit. I’m a new creation by the grace of God. Are you gonna find a label for that too?

  12. ptaktak Says:

    foul language in not necessary…

  13. MystirrE Says:

    Yo Jin. This is were this ish goes sideways, and I hope you see it as such. Christians, especially BAC “Borne-Agains” only see the world through the blinders of the Christian right-wing. Now you all can hate on me as much as you want because most of you are hypocrites anyways. Why do I say that? Because you are the first to judge. By the Lord’s decree you should not judge others because that is HIS job. Not yours. So hate all you want.

    I can’t stand these Christian whack jobs, that can’t see past their own nose. Again Jin, you are doing your thing. So do it. As for you God-freaks, Jin is finding his Spiritual body. Let him find it on his own without the added stress of of your evangelical ramblings. MC Jin is NOT a Christian Rapper. He is rapper that is a Christian. Get it straight.

    You just want him to cater to only you which is extremely insensitive and unrealistic. He is finding his own way and making his own path in the music business. Because of acts like Jin the Asian Hip-Hop community has footing to stand on. Shout out to FM for #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 Download for 2 weeks running.

    So let him make his own path on his own accord. If not, be like Thumper, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. If you truly are a fan, it won’t matter if he is Battling some 2bit hustler from the hood or rapping about Shabu-Shabu for Yoshinoya. If you’re not a fan, you need to recognize. Cause game always recognizes game.

    • chuckthegirl Says:

      I don’t believe I’m a “Christian whack job” because I don’t enjoy putting ugly words in my ears. I’m not judging either. I would be the first to admit that sometimes I do get in a state of “I’m holier than thou” but let me tell you, God corrects that REAL quick. He has an amazing way of humbling me. Col. 3:17 says “And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.” I agree with you that you don’t have to be a “Christian rapper” to be a “rapper that is Christian.” But if you are a Christian everything you do should reflect Christ. I don’t know where Jin is in his journey with the Lord; only he and God knows that. I will do my part as his sister to raise him up in prayer. I don’t personally know him so it’s not my place to correct him. This is God’s job and those brothers & sisters who surround him daily to do this. Paul writes that we each work out our own salvation. If the use of foul language on a CD that Jin promotes is something God needs to work out with Jin, then He’ll do it in the time it needs to be done. If it’s not an issue, then who am I to say anything? For me personally, since it’s an issue with me – a conviction God has put in me, then I won’t listen to it. I’m not hating anyone here. Although I enjoy Jin’s music and love him as a brother in Christ, I wouldn’t say I’m a fan. I don’t follow him; I follow Jesus.

  14. Robert Ramos Says:

    i disagree with it only because though you werent the one cursing you were the one putting out the cd. the scriptures tell us to not conform, to not team up or stand in the path or walk with or give ear or take counsel or any thing with sinners except to minister the good news to them, love on them but thats it. paul rebuked the fortune teller who was walking with him for three days saying this is paul the man of God in

    Acts 16:18 16And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying: 17The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. 18And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.

    paul was annoyed by this sinner following him acting as though she was walking with him, promoting him, like she was cool with him and he was cool with her but of course he wasnt.

    Yehushua Ha Mashiach the Christ does this too he kicked out the money changers, he did not hang with the pharisees, he always spoke radical to his followers who were not focussed on the things above and because of it many choose not to follow him.

    plus we have seen this mixing of the world and the church before and a lot bigger than this mixtape and we already know it was a big fail, there was no big revival with the fans, the artist did not come to the full knowledge of Christ and kirk franklin states this as a big regret and failure. we can do all we want to do, events, songs ministry etc but we do not draw people to God because it is the spirit of God that draws all men unto himself. mixing of the church and the world just justifies the world, compromises the church, confuses many, and grieves the spirit. the word tells us to speak only that which shall minister unto the hearer and to not be unequally yolked. so yeah i wasnt feeling the mixtape lol you know it is what it is. i wouldnt have told you this because paul tells us to let God work in all of us and keep our convictions to ourselves but the conversation was already sparked so im just saying fam. dont take my word for it of course, look it up and store it with in your heart/s you know because it makes no sense to just regurgitate my convictions even if they are based of the scriptures, just wheres the power in that you know.

    keep doing your thing jin. i like the say something joint like almost every track you know. peace and blessings fam.

  15. Le Os Master Says:

    Very well explained Jin, I love it when Christians break away from their “holy huddle” and actually start to take the kingdom of God to the people.

    Re: Robert Ramos,
    Hmmmm, I think you will find Jesus choose to hang around with the prostitutes, tax collectors, criminals, etc. You are right he didn’t hang around with the Pharisees, but the Pharisees where “considered” good people/god fearing people, who thought they knew everything already, they where the crowd that would have been “politically” correct for Jesus to hang around with as the son of god but he didn’t.
    Our goal on this earth is to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth (to the people), there is no point in keeping the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

    I also believe the verses you have quoted in Acts are of a completely different theme to this altogether. They are about a spirit manifesting within the fortune teller, which is giving false praise to Paul.
    It’s all about perspective you see, for if Paul hadn’t met this women she would not have been delivered and would have carried on operating in fortune telling. Thank god that Paul did meet her and delivered her, the women was set free ! We don’t know what happened to the women, yet I believe she probably became powerful in the kingdom of god as a result of her experience.

  16. Priscilla Says:

    You know what, Jin? Carl Choi and you have been on my heart for a while, and I have to admit I was kind of skeptical of your Christian walk because of the hip hop lifestyle. Then, I had to repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness because when I was a new believer (2005), it took me a couple years to start my true walk with Jesus. So, I am grateful that you shared your testimony, and yes, it is a continual, daily, sacrificing of our flesh as unto Christ – Gal 2:20. The closer we draw to our Lord and Savior, the more wisdom and clarity He gives through His word, so I pray that you are daily in the Word of God and seeking His continual guidance. But, also know, if you don’t already, we are in a spiritual war and Lucifer was a great musician who uses music today to lead many away from Christ. There is an excellent, biblically sound ministry surrounding hip hop led by G. Craig Lewis. I suggest you look into it to better understand the spirits that can manifest through music. It is much more powerful than many realize. I have been studying a great deal about the “renewing of your mind” in Romans 12:2 and how many times when this doesn’t really happen and the “fruit” one bears is not reflecting his/her walk with Christ, it can (not always) mean a false conversion. Jesus also gives us this warning/encouragement “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. – John 15:18. Do not let the spirit of compromise or pride have hold over you when you are working in concert with the Lord to create music to HIs glory. You may have a lot of people walk away, but when you are in the will of God, many more will be blessed and you can stand before God on judgment day and hear Him say “well done good and faithful servant.” That is what I pray for you and the work Carl is doing through Catch.

    Re: those who talk about not judging others – that is right, as believers, we are not to judge one another. Only God can pass judgment because He gives the final sentencing on our lives. However, we are called to rebuke and admonish one another. – Colossians 3:16.

    Jesus came to call sinners to repentence – Luke 5:32. His message was clear no matter who He came across – repent and follow Him to live life eternal. The Pharisees had no excuse – they knew the Scriptures but did not recognize Jesus as the promised Messiah and they were leading many down the wrong path. Our goal as followers of Christ is to shepherd and help lead others to Him, which is why we have to be careful of our words and actions because we can easily be seen as hypocrites as Mystiree wrote in a previous post. God does not call us to perfection, so we’re going to make mistakes, but we are to be quick to ask for forgiveness and to forgive when that happens. God calls us to righteousness in our whole being as unto Him because He is holy, just, and omnipotent, but He is also long-suffering, compassionate, and our guide. So, the only way we can shine Jesus’ light unto others is by walking with Him daily in His word and applying what He reveals to us so that we may be refined like gold in a fire. When we rely on ourselves, we let the spirit of pride and self-righteousness influence us, and this separates us from the will of God upon our lives.

    In response to your video post, the Lord placed this scripture on my heart to share with you: Ephesians 5:19-20 – “Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always give thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

    I pray this speaks to your heart, and that you continue to grow your roots in Christ. Praising our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the gift of grace He gives those who trust in Him. Be blessed!

  17. Joanna Says:

    Kudos to Le Os Master and MystirrE!! That is exactly right, how are Christians suppose to minister to the ungodly people if they don’t walk among them? Christians also forget that we were born into sin ever since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Sin is sin, no matter what sin you have committed its all the same in God’s eyes. Before people start hating, judging and throwing around their two cents they should read Matthew 7:1-5 and Luke 7:37-42

  18. Alex Says:

    Why does it matter what words he uses? Words are just words. Stop being so hypocritical.

  19. jessie tan Says:

    Dear Soldier Of Light & God’s beloved, keep marchin’ on! this is an adventure of faith. Jesus is taking care of this. i’ll keep u in my prayers later. God bless u. Amen :-)

  20. MystirrE Says:

    I want to thank Priscilla for her introspection. It takes a lot for a evangelical Christian, especially BAC to admit they have a problem. Also, glad that one bible thumper understands passing judgement is for Him and Him alone. Not to knock you directly, but even if you aren’t a “Christian Whack Job” you’re still a bible thumper. You can’t get one paragraph out with using Jesus, God or quoting scripture. Do y’all realize that people don’t talk like that.

    I could on for days about this, but this is not the forum.

    If anyone listens to the lyrics that Jin is spittin’ right now, you will see that since he left Ruff Ryder and moved his way to HK there is one message. “Life is hard, and your life can get twisted. When it seems like everything is right, and you can’t get any higher, that is when people start gunning for you. Once you have climbed the mountain so high, you can start to lose your footing. When you fall the people that helped lift you up, with not be there to catch. Because they are not there for you, they are there to use you. So when you fall, you fall hard, you fall fast, and you hit the ground at terminal velocity.”
    The problem with this analogy is you not breaking bones and your not hitting dirt. It’s your mind that gets destroyed because you hit your emotional wall. Without your spiritual body to save you, you will quickly sink into depression. And once you get there, there is no booze that get you up, no drugs that can make you high. If you can’t find that spiritual part of yourself and build that up, you will end up like Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe… the list goes on. Jin sees that and since he’s not my close homie, I have to assume that this is where he is at and this is what he is focusing on. All you have to do is put down the bible for a minute and listen to the words he is spittin. I feel you homie. Do your thing!!

  21. Tee X Says:

    Be like Mase and quit it.

  22. Jason Says:

    Let God be true and every man a liar.

    Jin your music is compelling, thought provoking, and insightful. I was too engaged in what you were trying to say to catch the foul lang.

    Years ago I tried to listen to other mainstream christian rappers but it came across as over the top. Like they were trying to take me to bible school…talking about calvinism etc. It lacked pesonal application and something I could relate to. I had the chance to meet them a while back and they all seemed very cliqued up, holier than thou and unapproachable so much to the point where I stopped wanting to support them at all. Please don’t change into that brotha!

  23. Read on. « AyoJin. Says:

    […] AyoJin. « Christian rap. […]

  24. Dustin Says:

    Jason, I am sorry that you had that experience. But I find it quite sad that you think people need to water down their music and make it more applicable. God’s Word is sufficient enough for all things (2 Timothy 3:16). I love God’s Word and do not mind hearing it presented me to over and over again through preaching and through music.

    • Jason Says:

      Nobody said anything about watering anything down. Jesus used parables to convey biblical truths. Check it out

  25. Preach Dat Fire (Holla-Fest Radio) Says:

    YO JIN…….tell Gabby & Carl that im still waiting on his responce to finalize your interview on Holla-Fest Radio!!!

  26. Preach Dat Fire (Holla-Fest Radio) Says:

    yo….i want 2 be a blessing 2 you & send u all the music of @HollaFestRadio so u can familiarize urself with Holy hip Hop!

    send me an email at: with an address i can send it to, my church is going to sponsor the postage $$.

  27. KayG Says:

    I think everyone who posted made a valid point in some shape or form. I downloaded the mixtape, and yes I was surprised that it contained cursing. I guess we did as another person said, put you (Jin) in a box and label you a Christian rapper. You (Jin) never said that, you just said you were now a Christian and a rapper. I understand where you are coming from, your music is a platform to reach the masses and it will hopefully continue to spread the message of Christ. With that said, I agree that as Christians it is our goal to reach the non-Christians; how can we do that when we refuse to give them a chance? I commend you for putting these guys on, if you are living for Christ just being in your presence gives them the opportunity to experience the love of God first hand. You probably could have requested that they didn’t use such profane language, I think what they were saying would still be just as effective without all of the cursing. I downloaded the mixtape in the hopes of increasing my exposure to hip-hop that has the ultimate goal of glorifying God; although you yourself (Jin) weren’t using foul language, just the fact that the other artists were and I am at a place where I’m fully committed to living for the Lord so I try to control the things I expose myself to, made me decide not to continue listening to the mixtape. My point is, if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. With that being said, I was disappointed in the lenght of the Say Something Mixtape…can you put out something longer please? lol

    • chuckthegirl Says:

      you should listen to the rest. although some do use some bad language there are those that don’t and are good. just sayin

  28. Nikki Says:

    WOW!!! So many post and long ones too. LOL. I liked to Download, yet was caught off guard and had to check my media player to see if I was listening to the mixtap. LOL. There were some good songs. And Jin there was nothing wrong in what you did by collaborating with artists that used such language. As Christians/believers we cannot shut our self off from the world although there my be times that we may want to, that is when we really mediate with with God to give us strength to shine His Light in different places where no light may be shining.

    There is this misconception that Christian don’t do any wrong or perfect and don’t associate with others that don’t walk the Christian path and that is just not true. There are Christians that are as strong as Paul and Daniel, and others that are as wild and ruff as King David. And Jesus never shy-ed away for those who did not believe in what He had to offered. When he was invited to social gathers of non-believers he went, maybe not to all because you do have to discern when you should and when you shouldn’t. That is why I don’t judge/discuss ( or at least try too) other peoples’ walk because all I know is that I have enough pains trying to keep my eyes on Jesus and being pleasing to him.

    But love you Jin!!! Just throwing my penny in LOL

  29. J.P Says:

    i recommend everyone hear to listen to “Only god can judge me” by tupac shakur. it has swearing but its the message that counts. +1 to everyone though, good discussion.

  30. NaTE Says:

    Yo Jin –

    I been in church my whole life but only been following Christ for a year now.. and i can honestly say that the ones talkin all that mess and questioning your christianity are the same people who kept me from following Christ my whole life. How can they put a yoke on you that they themselves cant even carry? if you say you dont sin your a liar and are sinning right there. I can appreciate your music since i been watching you since 106 n Park when i wasnt a christian but not that I am and also am a youth leader at my church i can say id rather have my youth listening to your music then rappers like drake and lil wayne. Dont let these people get to you, as you grow in Christ you will become more like Christ and like you said n others said you need to be around sinners in order to tell them about Jesus, just like the doctor is for sick people, church is for the ones without Christ. The reason less people interested in church is because of the attitudes of some of these people thats why its better to not even label yourself and let even decided for themselves. Big Ups to you Jin im proud of you and kee doing your thing, maybe you can get on track with BIZZLE OR LECRAE AND KILL IT!! 2 FROM THE CHI!!

  31. Vy Says:

    Jin, I’m gonna give you props for being in the world engaging artists who don’t share the same beliefs as you. The Great Commission calls us to make disciples of many nations, and we can’t do that if we just hang out in holy huddles all the time.

    Thanks for being a representative of Christ and being right in the middle of the mission field. And making awesome music.


  32. JP Says:

    Great article, and I agree with Vy. You said that God’s been doing something with your life and I can definitely tell from your music and this article. Reading about your humility, faith, and reluctance to curse and judge others was truly inspirational. You’ve brought me and many others a lot closer to the Lord Jesus. God’s using you to change the world. Keep it up, brother.

  33. Athena L. Says:

    first off, just want to give honor to the one and only Jesus Christ. I too agree with you. That’s exactly how I feel when it comes to the title of being a Christian. I am born again believer, giving my life to Jesus Christ. there is just so much division when it comes to people who are under him; all of the different denominations. When it comes to music, your music in this case, is influential to believer and non-believer. (Your words actually impacted my best friend who listen to the “Old Jin”) Anyways, it’s not about the title of the genre you play, but the message you being out to the world. Keep doing you and evangelizing to the world Jin! Come to the NYC area, cause only the Lord knows how much of an impact you’ll make here.

  34. True Says:

    Jin, when i found out, that you are christian i was so happy, becouse i use to watch all your battle videos, but that i become christian …

    what i wanted to say is that you need to walk straight with God and dont mix with other world thinks, God will provide everything that you think christian life doesnt support

  35. Rod1mu5 Says:

    a yo Jin, I feel your position on this. People have to understand that you didn’t come from the christian side of the house to begin with. To understand the platform you have is unique and I pray that you continue to seek God in all his wisdom about what he has blessed you with.

    I see the platform as a way to influence the place you came from. Jesus went straight to the hood and chilled with the grimy of the grimmest in Jerusalem, and guess what it was the leadership and those who thought they knew God who hated on him. God is always doing something we don’t expect, you have respected presence within “secular hip-hop,” go influence it and make disciples….

    I would love to see/hear later on some of the influence from this tape or shows in snatching lives out of the hands of the enemy and then watch how these people lives are changed. Then watch them make more disciples….


  36. emmanuel blin7ven anderson Says:

    You know what really grinds my gears? Its the fact that hip-hop, music and media is singled out as the epitome of evil. Yes, there is alot of evil in it. But there is alot of evil in this world, should we go to monastaries and pray? No. And how come a person has to make Christian Rap? If a Christian makes cars, do you call them a Christian Carmaker? Or if they paint pictures do you call them a Christian Painter? Does every Picture they paint have to feature Christ? If they Paint a picture of a Dragon, or a Couple or any other thing does it make them any less of a Christian?
    Why should Christians who write, sing or perform be limited to making songs featuring Christ? Look at the Book of Esther, God’s name is not mentioned one time, however it is included in the book we call Holy. So we must be able to give God Glory without even saying His name. I cant stand that some individuals take the most narrow interpretation of scripture and preach it as gospel. There were those who used the Word to justify horrible acts, and those who have used it to repress progress and creativity, making people fear anything different. It is not Fair that the enemy can so entwine himself with a culture, people or genre to the point that Christians deem the entirety of that class as unholy. Jin, thank you for your contributions to Hip Hop. Continue to Let God use you. He has used you to bless me and confirm what I already know in my heart. But it is time I stand up for my convictions and “Cry Aloud and Spare Not.”

  37. peterhsu Says:

    great music

  38. Pgrim Says:

    thanks for the music fam, love how you do it for the people and with the people! Im glad to hear from such a skilled brother in Christ, do what you do!

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