Where’s my snare?

One of my biggest observations after living in Hong Kong for two years is that as a city, it is quite small. Without a doubt, the Hiphop community is even smaller.

Even in such a relatively environment, there are folks that are definitely passionate about the culture and the further development of it in the region.

One of these individuals is Mastamic. When I first got to Hong Kong in ’08, he was one of the first people I connected with. We hit it off naturally based on our mutual respect for the art of ¬†MC-ing and the love for Hiphop culture.

When I released my first all Cantonese mixtape later that year, he did not hesitate to accept my invitation to jump on a track.

Today, I decided to return the favor and lay a verse for a track off his upcoming mixtape.

Mastamic, DJ Galaxy (producer) and moi.

Mastamic is a true student of the culture which is a commonality we share. Constantly active in pushing Cantonese/Hong Kong Hiphop forward, what I truly admire about him is his determination to advance not only Hiphop culture but the mindset of the local citizens in general.

Flipped the Wu sample quite nicely.

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7 Responses to “Where’s my snare?”

  1. jhope413 Says:

    This is irrelevant to this post, but could you please invite Hanjin to be on your next English album?

  2. ptaktak Says:

    … on the other side of your mic… later found in your headphones

  3. Vincent Wu Says:

    I’m only 15 but I wish I can go and stay in HK and help Hip-Hop grow with you…that would be mad dope lol

  4. Fanny Fung Says:

    Good song!
    It can really reflect the reality of HK (esp. the hard of the poor)… >.<

  5. ahhmui Says:

    you are all over hk media – in music, movies, shows, concerts – it’s great!

  6. KenHo Says:

    The song can tell the truth and describe the atmosphere in HK entirely!! That’s so great!!!
    BTW, I absolutely agree with you!! HK is quite small. Without a doubt, the Hiphop community is even smaller!! In the entertainment business, You and fama try to promote Hiphop!! I truly hope that more and more hiphop rappers occur in the Hong Kong entertainment business!!

  7. Andy Says:

    another one of the n4e1 sweater nice

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