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Nitty gritty.

October 31, 2010

More inspiration..

Her name is Nitty Scott MC. She’s got a youtube video making it’s rounds online where she is absolutely wreaking havoc on the mic during a freestyle after being interviewed. Naturally, the Nicki Minaj comparisons kick in.. who’s nicer.. female mcs.. etc etc.

Gender issues aside, I was amazed by her confidence, presence and lyrical prowess just to name a few things that stood out about her in the ever growing sea of rappers/mcs. If I’m not mistaken, she’s only 19-20?, which makes some of the substance in her content even more admirable in comparison to her other rap peers, male or female.

I believe right now, she’s still unsigned. I doubt she will be for long though. A track called “Hear I am” was all that’s found via a quick youtube search song wise. No hook. Just Nitty gritty bars.

“..and to be honest, why do we need the term ‘to be honest’?, if your words alone should be somethin’ honest.”

Taking into consideration her young age, with time, she will only get better. I’ll be keeping my ears open.

To me, a dope mc is a dope mc. However, if dope female mcs happened to be the topic of discussion, you’d have to include (more…)

Fountain of youth.

October 31, 2010


Reaching out.

October 30, 2010

I was recently contacted by a organization who specializes in assisting and serving the youth called Reach Out to do an online video interview sharing some of my life and career experiences.

As described on their wesbite,  “Reach Out is an information and support service using evidence based principles and technology to help teens and young adults facing tough times and struggling with mental health issues.”

Here I am sharing some insight into the world and mind of Jin. Why I am referring to myself in the third person, I have no idea.

I can really appreciate what the good folks over at Reach Out are doing.

Thank you for creating such a meaningful platform to serve those that may be going thru times of challenge and adversity. You can find out more about what they do at their website

Yes ma’am.

October 30, 2010

This goes to show that you just never know where inspiration can come from.

It can come from anywhere, even a 7 yr. old named P Nut.

@ :43  Hmm, not too far off from some of the lyrical content of some of his older rap peers of today.

@ :57 “superman wasn’t a hero, they never found nemo, can’t play with tonka trucks all the tonka trucks got repo’ed” - I mean, if he wrote that himself, wow. Even if he didn’t it, for a 7 yr. old to deliver with that kind of confidence is quite impressive.

@ 1:32 “..cause God gave me this opportunity to rap.” - Smh @ myself for not fully making this revelation until way into my adulthood years.

He seems like a cool (more…)

Hennessy Artistry Hong Kong 2010.

October 29, 2010

The other night, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a bunch of talented artists from various countries. It definitely represented the theme of the event, which was “the global art of mixing”.

From left: Hailing from the USA, Mr. “Cooler Than Me” aka Mike Posner. Korean Singing Sensation aka Seo In-Young. Queen of Hong Kong aka Sammi Cheng. UK’s X-Factor Champion aka Alexandra Burke. Guy on the far right aka random bartender who sneaked into the photo.

Let’s start the show. You know I got on stage and put my all  (more…)

Big Boys Club.

October 28, 2010

Previously, I posted a blog about the music show that I started hosting on a television channel in Hong Kong called TVB. Before I even started hosting the music show, I actually got the opportunity to foray into television via another program.

TVB has a subsidiary channel called J2 which caters to a younger audience via their programming and choice of content.

I was approached by one of the producers from J2 about an idea he had for a tv show. The show would be called Big Boys Club. The concept of the show was explained to me. I would be one of three hosts on the show. It would be a talk show format similar to The View, except instead of a bunch of women sitting around chatting about entertainment, current events and interviewing guests, it would be a group of guys.

The idea seemed pretty interesting to me.

Next thing you know, I find myself as one of the host on this new program called Big Boys Club. Mind you, I’ve never hosted a show of this nature ever, let alone to do it in Cantonese.

The second episode of the show ever, each one of the hosts invited a friend to come on the show and we did some good ol’ fashioned male bonding (on television). We shared our past relationship experiences i.e. ex-girlfriends, breakups, heartbreaks, etc.

Later on, these friends of ours would be returning guests and eventually even sometimes be guest hosts of the show.

It was definitely a Big Boys Club.

Well, Big Boys Club recently taped it’s 200th episode. To celebrate the joyous occasion, we invited our friends from the 2nd episode to all catch up and revisit all that’s gone down in the last 200 episodes since the show has been on air.

Clockwise: Starting from me, Bob (host), Wai Wai (friend of Bob), Steven (friend of William), William (host), Kent (producer), writer, KT (a good friend of mine).

In a nutshell, we sat around, ate, drank (more…)

Read on.

October 28, 2010

The latest and greatest..

I recently released a mixtape. Of the 15 different unsigned artists that I did songs with on the project, there were certain ones that used profanity in their lyrics.

This apparently caught some of the listeners who downloaded the mixtape off guard. The overall sentiment was.. “Jin, this isn’t Christian rap..”

I do want to apologize for not giving everyone the heads up.

I can appreciate their sincere interest in what I do and their input on the direction that I take my music. This mixtape content wise, may not suit everyone’s taste, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that that’s the case with any type of musical project.

The upside is that in the midst of all this I was inspired to write this post just very briefly examining the concept of “Christian rap” and my own personal take on it.

Here I am soaking up the comments (more…)

Christian rap.

October 27, 2010

Hi Randy Tongue.

The track you are referring to is “Field Goals”, which is the first track on the Hiphop Census Mixtape that I just released. You can download it here. Warning: there is indeed explicit lyrics (more…)

Breaking the cycle.

October 26, 2010

I was checking out various youtube clips of a new artist and came across this comment. Who wrote the comment and the artist it’s being written about isn’t that important.

I couldn’t help but be struck by what I was reading.

“weed, music, cash.

something to look up to”

I would never dare to pass judgement on this person (more…)

Spreading the word.

October 25, 2010


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